Return Policy

The MNEMEE WITHIN team makes every effort to keep you happy with your purchases. However, you can return to our company the products you bought, within fourteen (14) working days from the date you received. Before sending products, contact the company and make sure that all the following conditions are met correctly.

Please note that in order for the products you return to us to be accepted and the request to be approved in order to consider any further actions of the company, all of the following must apply:

  • Υou have contacted the Customer Service department via e-mail to submit the product return request, so that we can process and recognize your order. This e-mail must state the code of your order, indicate the returned item and state the reasons for the return. When you have not previously requested a return of the product to our company by e-mail and its approval by the company, the return is not accepted and the company has no further obligation to the sender.
  • The product must have been sent to us within fourteen (14) working days from the date of receipt of the product.
  • The product has not been worn, has not been washed and is in excellent condition, as received.
  • The product must be returned in full with all its spare parts and accessories.
  • The product should be sent in a single shipment (returned products belonging to the same order must be returned to us at the same time).
  • The product to be returned together with its packaging, any offer coupons that we enclose, the special markings – cards or other decorative and accessories of its packaging.
  • The returned products must be accompanied by the purchase receipt, so that we can locate your transaction and modify your order, if necessary.
  • Face covers and personal care products are non-refundable (excluding reasons for replacement, see below)
  • The product must be returned to us with a courier company of your choice and the shipping costs of this company are borne exclusively by you.
  • We do not accept returns of products that have been damaged (or even unwanted odors) and have abrasions, for which our company or the cooperating courier companies that delivered the product to you are not responsible. Products remain property of the company until delivery, and travel at company’s risk and responsibility for any damage. After receiving and delivering the product to you, you bear the risk of any damage to the product.

The details of the company (MNEMEE WITHIN, Stamatina Bogea, 13 Lakonos, PC 11524, Ampelokipoi – Athens, +30 2106994626, +30 6946547674) must be indicated correctly and in a visible place during the transfer of the return. The company is not responsible for any losses or other consequences arising from this.

Also, our company does not bear any responsibility in case of loss or destruction of the product during the transfer of the return, but also in the non-observance of the time limit (14 working days from the receipt) of the return of the product. The sender has sole responsibility for this.

If the package has not been opened, our RETURN POLICY applies normally. If the package is open, no return, changes or refunds can be made for this product unless there is a manufacturing defect (including face covers).

For any information you may need, you can contact our company’s Customer Service via email or at the phones: +30 2106994626, +30 2106910458 (Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00).

Our company does not bear any responsibility for any damage or destruction of the products after their use and is not obliged to replace them. In case of a manufacturing defect, in the e-mail that you will send us for the notification of the return request, attach a photo that will clearly indicate any defect. In case of a manufacturing defect or other case for which the company assumes full responsibility, it has the obligation to replace the specific product with another similar available product or another product of equal monetary value. Also, in these cases the company covers the costs of re-shipment. Face covers are also included, which can be returned for replacement if they are found to have a manufacturing defect.

The company is not subject to a refund policy. The cases of non-delivery of your order during the shipment are excluded, with the clear responsibility of the cooperating courier company (does not apply in case of payment by cash-on delivery) and the timely cancellation of an order with the consent of the company (see CANCELLATION OF ORDER). However, the company reserves the right to change tactics in consultation with you. In case of refunding the value of the returned products, we will inform you by e-mail about the process.

If you wish to cancel an order, notify the company by e-mail with the reasons for cancellation and after approval and if no costly procedures have been carried out, the company will cancel it immediately and return the value of the product in accordance with the Refund Policy.