What Payment Methods are accepted ?

The MNEMEE WITHIN team has a variety of payment methods, visit our Payment Methods and you will find out all the information you need.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our online store accepts Maestro, Visa and MasterCard type cards. Learn more on Payment Methods.

Shipping and Return

What is your shipping policy?

You can visit Shipping Methods and find out all the information you need

How long does it take for me to get my purchase order?

Our products are delivered via I.C.C. COURIER through a wide range of service points throughout Greece and Cyprus. Delivery times range from 1-3 working days for Greece and Cyprus, even if your area is characterized as inaccessible. Within 1-3 working days throughout Europe and within 3-7 working days for the rest of the world. After your package is sent by our the company, you are informed about the corresponding shipment number. With this number you can track only the transport of your package, from almost the same time we delivered it, through the I.C.C. Courier website. For its immediate and correct delivery, you will be able to contact I.C.C. Courier to understand all the details of its delivery. I.C.C. Courier Contact Phones: +30 2105121212. Please visit Shipping Methods.

How will I be able to know about the shipping costs of my order?

By entering all the shipping data of your package you will be able to automatically see the corresponding charges related to its shipment. Fill in all the required fields to see the cost of shipping and cash-on delivery. After that we will be able to ship your package. Βe aware that, in orders over 65 € the shipping costs and cash-on delivery service are free for shipments to Greece. Learn more on Shipping Methods.

I want to return my purchase! What do I do?

The MNEMEE WITHIN team makes every effort to keep you happy with your purchases. However, you can return to our company the products you bought, within fourteen (14) working days from the date you received. Before sending products, contact the company and make sure that all conditions are met correctly. We have structured an entire policy with clear instructions about the returns and refunds. You will find out instructions about the changes of your order. Please visit the Return Policy.

Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel an order, notify the company by e-mail with the reasons for cancellation and after approval and if no costly procedures have been carried out, the company will cancel it immediately and return the value of the product in accordance with the Refund Policy. We have structured an entire policy with clear instructions about the returns, refunds and changes. Learn more on Return Policy.

What happens in case of manufacturing defects?

In case of a manufacturing defect, in the e-mail that you will send us for the notification of the return request (please check out Return Policy, attach a photo that will clearly indicate any defect.
In case of a manufacturing defect or other case for which the company assumes full responsibility, it has the obligation to replace the specific product with another similar available product or another product of equal monetary value. Also, in these cases the company covers the costs of re-shipment. Face covers are included. Learn more on Return Policy.

After completing my order how can I know its progress?

Immediately upon completion of your order you will be presented with the details of your order and if you confirm them you will have completed your order in our store and you will receive an e-mail, which will include the details of your order, your billing terms, payment method and shipping costs, along with the information that your order is being processed.
As your order progresses, you will receive a series of automated e-mails, which will report on the progress of your order.

About Us and Products

What does MNEMEE mean?

The word MNEMEE comes from the Greek word “μνήμη” which means memory (mneme). Also, Mneme was one of the three oldest Muses, even before the appearance of the well-known nine Pierides Muses. For us, MNEMEE means memories, images, stories and feelings of an older era full of values and ideals. The source of inspiration is in the Greek tradition and in the costumes of the people.

What is the inspiration behind MNEMEE within?

MNEMEE WITHIN was created with the aim of providing quality accessories in modern designs with memory from the traditional costumes of Greece. In clothes of that time, you can find modern fashion trends such as minimal with geometric shapes, color blocking in a variety of tones, boho layering and more.
The choice of ingenious designs and their combination with special fabrics and materials suggests something new in a person’s style in a smart and special way.
Discover the memory of each accessory and stand out!
Learn more on ABOUT

How is the Greek tradition combined in modern products?

Each accessory has its own MNEMEE, combining diversity, quality and modern look with the passion, dynamism and variety that exists in each traditional Greek costume.
We want each product to tell a unique story through its references. For this reason, you will discover many versions of the same product. Thus, each person can connect with it, enriching it with their own memories and feelings.
Our aim is to highlight the timelessness of the designs they used, incorporating them in the modern style.
For each product, we will reveal its MNEMEE and you are free to tell your own modern personal story through it!
Learn more on ABOUT

In products that have size how will I choose the right one for me?

All the products of MNEMEE WITHIN that have sizes are accompanied by the corresponding size guides so that you can choose your own correctly. For the other products we have indicated their dimensions, where is necessary and you will find them in the product details. Please visit Size Guides to help you with your final choice.

Are all products immediately available?

MNEMEE WITHIN makes every effort to make all of its products readily available using an up to date computerization of warehouse inventory monitoring. By constantly checking stocks, we make sure to reflect the correct availability of products. The basic philosophy of our company is the products to be immediately manufacturable in small quantities so that they are immediately available in case of stock depletion. In case one of the products is not available or in case of exhaustion of a code, the order section of MNEMEE WITHIN will contact you and inform you about the exact time of receipt of your products.
If the product you have chosen belongs to a Limited Edition category or to an elliptical code and there is no extra stock, MNEMEE WITHIN gives you the option of replacing the product with another, of equal monetary value.

Do you sell wholesale?

MNEMEE WITHIN provides products retail and wholesale too. Please contact the company’s Customer Service Department via e-mail stating all the details of your order and we will contact with you.

I can follow you on social media?

Follow us οn Instagram: @mnemee.within
Find us to Facebook: @mnemee.within


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