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Respect for your privacy and the management, protection and security of your personal data are a priority for our Company. Responsible for processing your personal data is the Company “STAMATINA BOGEA”. The personal data that you personally disclose to our Company or are collected by automated means are not used in a manner and for purposes not authorized by you, nor of course are disclosed to third parties not affiliated with the Company, without your consent. However, in order to place an order in our online store, either as a customer – registered user or as a regular visitor, you will be asked to provide some personal information such as name, surname, home / work address, email address, telephone, payment details eg your credit card number) etc., which details (as a minimum of the absolutely necessary part of them) will be disclosed to the Companies that cooperate with us (eg courier companies, etc.). ) or to those who are obliged by law to disclose them. All the above personal data, i.e. data of identity, communication, delivery, financial, demographic, data of consumer behavior, data of transaction, connection, profile, etc. is your personal data that we carefully and respectfully collect for you with a legal right (eg for the execution of a contract to which you are a party, for the security of your account to avoid fraud) and for lawful purposes. In particular, we collect the personal data that you disclose to us at the stages of visiting our website and using our services, placing an order and contacting us or our Customer Service, in order to process orders, complete the payment procedures of orders to the way you have chosen, to send them to their stated delivery address, to contact you by phone or e-mail if needed and to provide you with help through our Customer Service center, to send promotional messages if we have your consent, create your wish list and notify you of products you have searched for and are back in stock.

In addition to the purpose of placing an order, the Company uses the information you provide to it to confirm your identity and your debit / credit card details and to match these details with each other as well as for purposes related to the fight against financial crime. and internet fraud. Our company’s services are addressed exclusively to people over 15 years or older. Minor visitors of our website or consumers can trade with us only with the explicit consent of their parents and our Company does not store personal data of minor users. We do not knowingly collect any information from any person under the age of 15. If you are a minor or at least under 15 years old you must not use our website and do not provide any information about your person to us, do not subscribe to our newsletter and do not provide us with any of your personal data. If we find that we have collected or received personal data from a person under the age of 15, we will delete it immediately unless a parent or guardian has given its consent.

The duration of the retention of your personal data is linked to the fulfillment needs of the purpose for which you have provided them to us and certainly to the time you continue to interact with our company. In any case, if you make a purchase from our store, this data is retained for as long as the current tax legislation requires (usually until the end of the relevant accounting period, i.e. six (6) years from the date of billing) and in the case of promotions until you exclude us from sending them by revoking your consent to send them and for our retention of your browsing history and in any case until the end of five (5) years from our last interaction (via e mail, answer a question, etc.). Of course you have the right to revoke at any time your consent for the processing of your personal data by us as well as to request their correction or completion by sending us a relevant e-mail or calling us on the phone.

You should also be aware that in order to provide our services we work with other third parties – our partner companies, such as courier companies, banks, internet providers, IT and marketing companies and social media promotion organizations, call centers, etc. . even third parties outside the European Union. Therefore, the minimum necessary part of the personal data that you provide to us for processing, will be forwarded by us to the above necessary partners, for the provision of our services. We assure you that all our necessary partners are controlled by us, follow our instructions and also guarantee their compliance with the current legislation on personal data processing. The only case of use, processing and disclosure of your data without your consent is the case that this is requested by law, police, administrative, judicial authorities, the prosecution of cybercrime, etc.

Any complaints and grievances related to the processing of your data are submitted to the Data Protection Authority (


Our company uses Cookies to facilitate your browsing of our Website, to understand how you interact with us and, in some cases, to be able to show you ads based on your browsing habits. Please read this Cookies Policy to understand in more detail the Cookies we use, their purpose and other information you are interested in.

“Cookie” is a general term for a text file stored in a special area on the device hard disk (for example, computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.) by a multimedia user (internet, applications, etc.) when viewing content or online advertising. This Cookie file allows the publisher to identify the device on which it is stored, monitor the multimedia user activity, and retrieve information, such as user preferences or information that the user previously entered in print media, in the medium for as long as Cookie valid or saved. Some cookies are necessary for the use of the medium, others optimize and customize the content that is displayed and others present ads.

Cookies do not directly identify a user but identify the browser or device. Information about the content displayed on a medium is directly linked to an ID in the Cookie. When the user is browsing the media, this ID is associated with page views and generally with browsing and media interactions (for example, number of clicks), so it is possible for the user to monitor the entire media browsing.

The use of Cookies allows the connection of browsing data to the user profile, regardless of the device used, thanks to the cookie exchange technology applied by the partners who publish these Cookies, generally communication companies or digital advertising companies so that they can the user’s browsing of any device or medium is used.

By using our website you may have previously set up your server to warn you about our use of Cookies and to allow their use in whole or in part (for part or all of the services of our website) or to exclude their acceptance in any case. In case you choose to disable some or all of the Cookies used by our website, you can do so at any time, but this action may make it difficult for you to use our website or prevent your further access to our services.

This site uses Google Analytics (GA) to measure its traffic. With this method we can understand how users find and use our website, as well as how they browse it. The GA method records data such as your geographical location, the program you use for your Internet browsing and your operating system, but this information cannot be matched with your identity to make you known. to us as Google does not grant us access to this match. We believe that Google is a third party data processing entity that complies with the requirements of European law.

Each order on our website will mean your unconditional acceptance of the General Terms of Use of the Website, Personal Data / Privacy and Use of Cookies. From the moment you confirm your order by selecting “Confirmation / Completion of Order” in the relevant icon, you are aware that you have fully understood and accepted the present General Terms of Use and all their subchapters.