Discover modern paths with memories from the Greek culture and tradition.

Traveling back in the past, people’s clothes tell us stories from an older era. These that have been saved up to this day, are a source of inexhaustible inspiration, full of values, feelings and memories.

Our View

MNEMEE WITHIN was created to remind us that the Greek tradition hides a huge wealth of imaginative designs, patterns and materials that can be used in the modern style.

Our Passion

Our people have something in common: the passion for the culture and the tradition of Greece. Having a long history in the field of traditional costumes, they recognize elements of contemporary people in the costumes of an older era and integrate them into the modern everyday life.


Based on the modern aesthetics and the quality of the materials, we choose accessories that carry indelible memories from the past. For every product, we will reveal its MNEMEE to you, reminding each of you of his/her images and personal memories, full of moments and emotions.

Our Designs

Our basic idea is to bring back memories that have been lost and are of great value today.

Thus, we choose products whose patterns and materials have references from the traditional costumes and their accessories. We often choose the fabrics and patterns as they are, in order to highlight the timelessness of the designs and the importance of the history behind them.

Each product is carefully selected by our team and inspected throughout the entire process, from its construction to its packaging and its disposal.

Each accessory is different, hides its own story and is an integral part of your own memory.