Handmade leather belt from the collection PORPEE (belts with a traditional metal buckle) inspired from Epirus, Greece.

Size Guide

Size Guide

PORPEE Collection

How to Measure

To choose the right belt size, measure as follows:

Measure in cm the perimeter of your waist, at the point where you would like to wear the belt you want to buy.
Match your measurement with those given to each product by size and choose correctly.

In each belt product there is the possibility with extra holes of your own, to increase or decrease the length per size.

The correct size selection is necessary for the maximum fit of the belt.


How to Measure

To choose the right mask size, measure as follows:

Measure the distance in cm from the bridge of the nose under the eyes to below the chin.

In general, children use the Child size while adults use the Adult size. Probably, older children, such as teenagers, may use Adult size. In any case, it would be good to make a measurement before the final size selection. If your measurement is in the range 13-14cm please prefer Adult. In any case, the personalized correct application is achieved through the adjustable ear rubbers/straps (included silicone stoppers).

The correct choice of size is necessary for the maximum application of the face cover.


CHILD ≤ 13 cm
ADULT≥ 14 cm


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Handmade leather belt with a silver plated “porpe”( traditional metal buckle), with MNEMEE from Epirus, Greece.

The belt is entirely made of leather and the carved elaborated buckle is the same as the one used in some traditional female costumes of Epirus, Greece.

It has been appropriately designed to highlight the female waist area, as an important, timeless point of femininity.

Combine it with all your outfits from morning to night, and give a special touch to your style, along with the power and elegance that is appropriate to the modern woman.


All the processing of the leather and the buckle is done by hand. Properly designed with a hidden clasp on the back of the belt so that you can easily adjust the size.

It is offered in two sizes in terms of length, enabling it to cover a wide range of waist dimensions.

M/L: 76cm – 105cm
L/XL: 104cm – 124cm



If you wish, you can easily change the belt both in width or/and in color by using the hidden closures which connect the belt with the buckle.

Product Details

Buckle dimensions: 22cm x 9cm

Belt Width: 5.5cm

Color: Black leather with silver plated buckle


Buckle Material: Brass or Silver Plated


Outer material of the Belt: Natural Leather


Belt inner material: Leather lining


Closure with hidden hook on the back of the belt


Possibility with extra holes of your own, to increase or decrease the length per size

PORPEE collection

The PORPEE collection was designed with the inspiration from the traditional Greek belts with a “porpe” (traditional metal buckle). The handmade creations with MNEMEE highlight the modern woman’s femininity and power, giving her the timelessness that suits her. The buckles used are the same as those found in the traditional Greek costumes and have elaborated and carved patterns. The belts are entirely made of leather. They were designed to highlight every type of woman who wants to be and feel special today.

Additional information

Weight0.759 kg
Dimensions22 × 15 × 10 cm



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