Headscarf inspired by the women’s traditional Greek clothing of the wider area of Attica, Greece.

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Headscarf with MNEMEE from the wider area of Attica. The women wore it with the characteristic special costume of the area, either under their headband or as a basic one. This headscarf was worn until the middle of the 20th century as the women in the area did not remove it, even when their clothing became more urban. They used the same scarves both in color and in patterns, for the “ornamentation” of their head, in graceful ways of tying and delightful hairstyles.

We find them nowadays as modern ones, exactly as they were, combining the traditional headbands of another era and the deep desire to revive the style of every woman. Renew your personal style by discovering new headbands and creating so many more, not only by completing the looks but also by highlighting the confidence of the modern woman.

Romylian with Attiki

ROMYLIAN with Attiki

This way of tying a headscarf is often found internally in several Greek women’s headbands in the wider area of ​​Eastern Romylia, Northern Thrace.

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This way of tying is usually found in several Greek women’s headbands in the Peloponnese such as Laconic Mani, but also in other parts of Greece.

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Kefalogiouri with Attiki

Product Details

Fabric decoration: Plant patterns (green, brown and yellow stamped flowers)

Dimensions: 102cm x 103cm

Color: Ivory


Cotton fabric


Hand washable in cold water


Do not dry in tumble dryer


Iron medium
(max 150 °C)


Ironing Inside out

MANTILEE collection

The MANTILEE collection was designed to remind us of the timelessness of the “ornamentation” of the head, through the Greek traditional headscarves. Headscarves, the same ones that are used for various local traditional costumes of Greece, arrive today with MNEMEE not only to complete your style, but also to give you a new perspective. Through all the elements of the headscarves and their traditional ways of tying, we meet original modern headbands in order to highlight and review the personal style of each woman. Discover ways of tying combined with traditional headscarves and feel free to create so many more that will take off the style and the confidence that the modern woman wants.

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Only 5 left in stock