Handmade Face Cover inspired from men’s clothing “Vraka” (knee-length trouser with a wide width and plenty of pleats around the waist), clothing elements mainly of the Greek islands.

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Size Guide

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How to Measure

To choose the right belt size, measure as follows:

Measure in cm the perimeter of your waist, at the point where you would like to wear the belt you want to buy.
Match your measurement with those given to each product by size and choose correctly.

In each belt product there is the possibility with extra holes of your own, to increase or decrease the length per size.

The correct size selection is necessary for the maximum fit of the belt.


How to Measure

To choose the right mask size, measure as follows:

Measure the distance in cm from the bridge of the nose under the eyes to below the chin.

In general, children use the Child size while adults use the Adult size. Probably, older children, such as teenagers, may use Adult size. In any case, it would be good to make a measurement before the final size selection. If your measurement is in the range 13-14cm please prefer Adult. In any case, the personalized correct application is achieved through the adjustable ear rubbers/straps (included silicone stoppers).

The correct choice of size is necessary for the maximum application of the face cover.


CHILD ≤ 13 cm
ADULT≥ 14 cm


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Handmade Face Cover with MNEMEE from the men’s clothing worn in the Aegean Sea. It is made of the same type of fabric that men used to make their breeches throughout island Greece. The colors they used were mostly dark blue and black. Dark blue was chosen as the most characteristic. Other clothing items that were usually worn on the lower part of the body were made from the same type of fabric, such as trousers, etc.

Product Details

Outer fabric: Κapardina
Ear rubbers/straps: Soft polyester
Outer fabric decoration: Single Monochrome
Designs: Single (1)
Color: Dark Blue


Following the recommendations of WHO.


Must be washed before any use.


Wash hot.


Iron medium
(max 150 ºC)


The inner layer made of 100% cotton.


Reusable and washable.


Machine and hand washable.


The ear rubbers/straps are NOT ironed.


Double layer of fabric with ability to import your own third filter on some designs (third intermediate layer, not included).


Ease of breathing with durable and friendly fabrics, with dense knitting certification and OEKO-TEX®: STANDAR100.


The outer layer made of absorbent ot not, material


Personalized application with adjustable ear rubbers/straps using silicone stoppers (included).

MNEMEE Face Covers

All face covers are inspired by the tradition and culture of Greece. They are made of fabrics and traditional headscarves, which are the basis of Greek traditional cloths (cotton, silk, brocade, etc.). The baseline of their construction is the diversity of traditional costumes as it is reflected by the differentiation of designs in each type of mask.

This type of community mask is a mouth and nose cover and is a fashion product for personal use. It is not a medical mask or medical product, nor a certified Personal Protection Measure – PPE. It is not intended for healthcare professionals and is not intended for medical use, but may limit the dispersion of the droplets. People with health problems should consult their doctor. Community masks do not replace proper hygiene and do not offer 100% protection against airborne diseases (eg Covid-19/Coronavirus) and especially when not accompanied by all the necessary protection measures.

Additional information

Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions16 × 11 cm

Child, Adult


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