It is the way of tying a headscarf that we usually find in Epirus, Macedonia but also in islands and other areas of Greece.

Pirate with Kalemkiar
Pirate with Kalemkiar
The name of the tying comes from its initial presence in “pirates” who appeared on islands or coastal areas, but also from lowland populations that helped in the revolution of 1821 (“Kleftes”).

This way of tying a headscarf is often found in several Greek headbands for men and women.

You can combine the “Pirate” headband with different headscarves from the MANTILEE collection depending on your mood and style. In this way, different aspects of your personality are highlighted each time with strength, confidence and finesse.

Try it on with different clothing styles such as glam rock or rock, boho, country, street, casual, romantic style and whatever else expresses you.

Pirate with Epirus
Pirate with Epirus

Let your imagination run wild and create your own bond based on “Pirate”.
We are looking forward to your suggestions!


It is tied like a “bandana”. Fold the headscarf in a triangle. Place its long side, hiding part of the forehead and tie two knots at the back of the head, above the rest of the headscarf.

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