It is the way of tying a headscarf that we usually find as the basis of several headbands (before all the headscarves) mainly to keep all the hair gathered but also to give more volume to the overall result.

In many parts of Greece, the hairstyle and the “yadema” (ways of tying hair and headscarves) of the headband accompany all the important events of a woman’s life (birth, marriage, mourning), reflected her personality and highlighted the special features of her physiognomy.

All the women created elaborate braid buns framed with beautiful headscarves, combining the beneficial (functionality) with the beautiful. Rituals of special seriousness were performed from bathing, making braid and hairstyling, to covering the head with a headscarf were acts aiming at purification and catharsis.

Kotsos with Purple Romylia
Kotsos with Purple Romylia
Kotsos with Kalymnos
Kotsos with Kalymnos

The use of thematic symbolic designs on headscarves that were associated with important events in a woman’s life played an important role.

This way of tying the headscarf is found as a basis in several Greek traditional headbands.

You can combine “Kotsos” with different scarves from the MANTILEE collection depending on your mood and style. In this way, different aspects of your personality are highlighted each time with strength, confidence and finesse.

Try it on with different clothing styles such as glam rock or rock, boho, country, street, casual, romantic style and whatever else expresses you.

Let your imagination run wild and create your own bond based on “Kotsos”.
We are looking  forward to your suggestions!


Fold the headscarf in a triangle. Fold the headscarf starting from the big side and in the width you want until you wrap it all the way to the end, creating a long ribbon. Pick up your hair in a simple ponytail. Pass the headscarf (in the form of a ribbon) at the base of the ponytail and make a knot. Hold the two ends of the headscarf in your hands and as a third part your hair and knit the braid. Once you reach the end of your hair, tie the ends of the headscarf with a double knot. Lift and wrap the braid at the base of the original ponytail and hide the ends under the already wrapped one.

Watch the video for more…
Kotsos with Cyprus
Kotsos with Cyprus

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